Management system policy

Aurimoldes aims to an increasing position in the national and international market, through a commitment of competence and rigor in its processes, to ensure the continuous improvement of the organization.

We sustain our quality policy on the following:

  • To ensure good practice and quality in our work processes, providing a service that responds fully and quickly to the needs and requirements of each client;

  • To promote a continuous customer satisfaction, as well as meeting the needs and expectations of other relevant stakeholders, improving and consolidating our financial results;

  • To encourage an active participation and accountability of all employees in the implementation of quality management system, strengthening and consolidating a holistic and interdependent vision of our organization;

  • To enhance the skills upgrading of our employees, encouraging and providing opportunities for continuous training;

  • To prevent and correct mistakes, basing the company in a permanent concern of continuous improvement;

  • To comply with the applicable legal and customer requirements, and others which the organization subscribes for the product.