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About Aurimoldes

The company

Founded in 1997, the Aurimoldes consists of a team of 28 people. The heterogeneity of human resources combines more than 38 years of experience with the youth and dynamism of our human resources, which assures us a more competent work. Versatility, adaptability and rigor, are key elements in the development of our projects. The ability to find quick and innovative answers, puts us at the forefront of industry of moulds, and allows us greater efficiency and competitiveness in prices and delivery times. With a policy of development and progress, our company pursues the improvement of working conditions, investing in the growth and development of physical and technological resources and training of officials and employees.

The growing Aurimoldes

If initially our goals were rigged with a prominent position in the national market, we quickly realized the urgency to turn into the international context. Currently, our commercial strategy pursues an increasingly globalized market vision. In the past ten years we become a mainly exporter company.


We are linked to various sectors of activity. Mainly focused on the automotive industry, we are also present in sectors such as: hydraulics appliances, electric material, packaging

Experience and knowledge

The long experience and knowledge gained over the years has enabled us to develop projects of very different natures, which confer a greater agility and quality of work.

Working Development


Our project team has 6 jobs, where we proceeded to the development of projects and all molds machining.
Name Version
Mastercam x5
Depocam v9
Powermill 2012 R2
Powershape 2013 R2
Ps Electrode 2013 R2
Powermill 5 axis
Cadkey 19
Toolmaker 2013 R2
Exchange 2013 R3


In production section, we have 18 jobs, where they carry out all the works of manufacture of moulds.
Amount Name Path
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 1546 x 727 x 662
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 982 x 550 x 652
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 750 x 400 x 300
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 600 x 410 x 500
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 1004 x 525 x 507
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 2805 x 1205 x 905
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 805 x 505 x 505
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 1604 x 804 x 806
1 Frezadora CNC 1276 x 612 x 603
1 Centro Maquinação CNC 1400 x 950 x 750
1 Frezadora CNC 1276 x 604 x 602
1 Frezadora CNC 1750 x 900 x 800
1 Frezadora CNC 2400 x 1200 x 1000
1 Torno CNC 220 x 650
1 Electro - Erosão de Fio 550 x 350 x 400
2 Electro - Erosão 400 x 300 x 400
1 Mandriladora 1200 x 900 x 800
1 Frezadora Ferramenteira 900 x 430 x 450
1 Frezadora Ferramenteira 700 x 350 x 400
1 Frezadora Ferramenteira 1200 x 430 x 450
1 Prensa de Ajustamento 80 TON
1 Prensa de Ajustamento 100 TON
1 Torno Mecânico 400 x 1300
1 Torno Mecânico 1500 x 1600
2 Furadora Radial 1000 x 1000
1 Rectificadora 1000 x 480 x 500
1 Rectificadora 450 x 220 x 200
1 Rectificadora 1200 x 700 x 500



Moulds for Plastic injection

Moulds for Die Casting parts

Moulds for Zamak

Cutting tools

Moulds for aluminum

Scan engines

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